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NAMTC provides the following links and resources as a courtesy to our members and visitors. 

Open Education Resources

Algebra I Learning Path (525K)
GoOpen Launch Packet V1_2 (1.3MB)
Basic Guide to OER (4.1MB)
OER Presentation by MCIU (1.8MB)

2016 Leadership Summit Highlights

Highlights from the 2016 Leadership Summit (1.4MB) — Sights and Activities from the 2016 Leadership Summit: BlendED on my Mind

Links for Distance Learning Programs

Links for Distant Learning Opportunities (13K) — Links for Distant Learning Opportunities as provided by NAMTC members

NAMTC Brochures and Forms

NAMTC Activities (227K)
NAMTC Membership Application (73K)

Digitally Inclined

Teachers Increasingly Value Media and Technology (623K) — PBS Survey, Digitally Inclined. 2009

Recycling E-Waste

Recycling and Safely Disposing of e-Waste (33K) — Compiled for the 2009 Leadership Summit, this document provides information on choosing an electronics recycler and provides resources for such.

2015 NAMTC Leadership Summit New Orleans

2015 NAMTC Leadership Summit Program Booklet (3.2MB) — 17th annual Summit Program Booklet, "Meaningful and Authentic Learning with Digital Resources & Devices"
2015 Summit Open Spaces Topics (14K) — Discussions as determined by attendees
2015 Mini EdCamp Poster (846K)

Copyright Resources

Link10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained
LinkStanford University Libraries Copyright Website
LinkAIME: Your Copyright Resource Organization — The Association for Information Media and Equipment (AIME) is a membership organization offering answers to your copyright questions, advice from AIME's legal counsel and a quarterly newsletter dealing with copyright issues.
LinkPlay It Cybersafe
LinkDigital Citizenship and Creative Content — This free curriculum fosters student understanding of the rights connected with digital creative content.
ArticleRights, rights? Wrong!
ArticleCopyright in the Classroom: A Workshop for Educators
ArticleAre You Breaking the Law? — Copyright guidelines for digital video in the classroom apply to all!
LinkCopyright" section of PBS Teacher Source

Shared Conversations

Open Educational Resources (435K)
Makerspaces (603K) — Learn how 2 ESAs are providing leadership and supporting their districts on creating Makerspaces
11-15 Next Generation Print Shops (499K)