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NAMTC Newsletter
  December, 2017  


NAMTC Newsletter
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Happy Holidays!

by Angela Burke, NAMTC President (MA)

Holiday Greetings! It is hard to believe that the holidays are here and we are almost halfway through another school year. I hope everyone was able to join our shared conversation about online PD this Fall, if not it is available on the NAMTC website. Our upcoming shared conversations are on Personalized Learning, Utilizing Whitespace and Partnerships between ESAs and Private companies.

I want to thank everyone who attended our Leadership Summit in San Antonio. We explored VR with Hall Davidson and shared our thoughts about Student Privacy and Digital Citizenship with Rob Yoegel. We also dove into the Future Ready Framework with groups working on each of the seven gears.  Please check out the slide deck (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uCJXbM6Wwe8D3DYO54nO4AJFNf03fW8jYtgxKRo1hS4/edit?usp=sharing) that was created by the group. Many thanks to our vendors Mindshine Technology, LinkIt, Eduporium, Nearpod, PBS Distribution, Gaggle, and Insignia Software for sponsoring our event as well as being our thought partners as we work together to provide outstanding opportunities for all of the students we serve.

In the closing session of our conference this year, a participant referred to NAMTC as a group of  “scrappy, innovative" educators who are passionate about their work. I could not agree more! Serving on the Board has given me a clear view of this. In fact, serving on this Board has been one of my best decisions. The relationships and knowledge I have gained are one of a kind and have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I hope you will consider joining our Board in 2018. 

Happy New Year!



Beth Kabes, 2017 Braselman Award Winner

by Ron Cone, NAMTC President-Elect (NE)
Whenever I think of Distance Learning, one particular name always comes to mind. Beth Kabes has a passion for learning, helping others, and making a difference in education. Beth’s career in education began in 1981 as a Business and Technology Teacher at Leigh Community Schools. In July 2004 she became the Media and Distance Learning Coordinator and worked for ESU 7 for 12 years prior to her exciting move to the statewide Director of Distance Learning. While on the ESU 7 team, she was a valuable member of our Professional Services Team. In this capacity, Beth demonstrated her deep understanding of systems thinking and strategic... Full Article >>
Beth Kabes, 2017 Braselman Award Winner 


Dr. Joan Wade, 2017 Partner in Excellence Award Winner

by NAMTC Board of Directors
Dr. Joan Wade began to serve as the Executive Director for the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA), on July 1, 2016. Prior to joining AESA, Dr. Wade served as CESA 6 Agency Administrator in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for 15 years. During her tenure, Dr. Wade has led school districts and Educational Service Agencies through a visioning and systems design process that focused on the future of education. Amongst her accomplishments was an in-depth study of the Next Generation of Schools, leading to an annual symposium of best practices in next generation thinking. Through Joan’s leadership, AESA has gone through a... Full Article >>


Congratulations to Jerry Schnabel and Barb Siemaszko!

by Geoff Craven, NAMTC Executive Director

As we wrap up 2017 and look forward to bringing in 2018, 2 long-time NAMTC members will also begin a new chapter in their lives.  Dr. Jerry Schnabel (IA) and Barbara Siemaszko (NY) have announced their retirements at the end of this month.  I have known Jerry and Barb for several years, having worked with them in my previous role at my ESA, and more recently as the Executive Director of NAMTC.  Hall Davidson from Discovery, described this group best as educators who are passionate about serving, making a difference in student's and their communities. As they begin this new chapter in their lives, I know that passion and desire to help others will continue in this new exciting adventure.  On behalf of the NAMTC board, and its members - I want to say Congratulations on a job well done, and best wishes for the future!  


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