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NAMTC Newsletter
  November, 2020  


NAMTC Newsletter
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A Special Thanks to our Corporate Partners

    Year after year, NAMTC has been blessed with great corporate partners that share our passion for education and making a difference in our communities. Our partners understand ESAs, and have developed great opportunities and relationships with our members. Be sure to check them out during our Shark Tanks, and thank them for their generous contributions and support!
New this year, staff from Thought Exchange will be helping to facilitate consensus building, and identifying key concerns among all of the participants.

Matthew Wilson
Director of Educational Programs
p: 201.739.3740

Irina Tuule
1 Bridge Street, Suite A300
Newton, MA 02458-1138

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Bob Hartz, MBA | VP - Partnership Development
678 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
P: 716.855.2250 x150 C: 585.329.9687
Toll-free (US): 1.888.855.2250
bhartz@SuperEval.com | SuperEval.com

Scott M. Martin
Founder & CEO
Buffalo * New York

The Rosen Publishing Group
Laura Reilly
2544 Clinton Street
West Seneca, NY 14224

Jan Mills
45 E Main St, Suite 7
Clifton, NJ 07011
Direct: 862-225-1504

Insignia Software Corporation
Humayon Butt | Vice President
#201 2544 Ellwood Drive, Edmonton, AB T6X 0A9
HumayonB@insigniasoftware.com |
866-428-3997 ext. 227 | 780-428-3997 ext. 227



NASA to present closing keynote of Leadership Summit

Gary Dahlke, United Space Alliance
  Gary Dahlke grew up in southwest Florida near the town of Ft. Myers. Upon graduation from high school he entered the U. S. Air Force working in the fields of ballistic missile maintenance, and command and control. After leaving the Air Force he attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in 1989. During his college senior year, Martin Marietta Astronautics Group in Denver, Colorado hired Gary to perform payload integration activities on the Titan IV launch vehicle. Due to a downturn in the Denver aerospace industry in 1992, he came to Brevard County, Florida and was hired by the Pratt & Whitney division of United... Full Article >> NASA to present closing keynote of Leadership Summit 


STEMConnect Team to Present Opening Keynote

Please join Paul Sohl CEO, Florida High Tech Corridor
by Conference Planning Committee
History shows that applications of technology in the classroom are constantly evolving, breaking down barriers to contextual learning and broadening students’ horizons. So, how can educators use the latest adaptations to their advantage? stemCONNECT, a program of the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, has the answers. In this session, join the stemCONNECT team and Paul Sohl, CEO of The Corridor Council, to explore the impact of next-generation STEM education on a region’s economy and how educators can leverage technological advancements to virtually engage with high tech industry experts, bridging the gap between students’ passions, classroom lessons and real-world... Full Article >>
STEMConnect Team to Present Opening Keynote  


Register now for NAMTC Virtual Leadership Summit

To be held December 2nd starting at 9 AM
by NAMTC Board of Directors
With COVID numbers going through the roof, all of us are doing our best to keep our schools open, our kids safe, and taking it day by day. Now more than ever, schools, ESAs are playing an integral role in our communities daily lives - thank you for all that you do. Like many conferences/professional development events, the NAMTC Leadership Summit will be held virtually this year on Wed December 2nd. The NAMTC Board and planning committee have worked very hard to bring some exciting keynotes to our event this year. STEMConnect, a initiative of the Florida High Tech Corridor, universities, schools, and research facilities, will be presenting our opening keynote and talking about how their online collaborative efforts are paving the way for the next generation of STEM Careers and research. Our closing keynote will be Gary Dahlke from NASA who will talk about internships, educational resources that are available for schools and universities, and of course the exciting recent launch of the ISS crew! Be sure to check out their bios and session information in this newsletter. And snuggled in between these keynotes, we will once again feature our NAMTC SharkTank, where you can learn about great products/services/partnerships with our corporate partners and WIN prizes! Thanks to the generous support of our corporate partners, ClassLink, Eduporium, LinkIt, SuperEval, Rosen Pub, Think Tech, Insignia Software, this event will be held FREE. Please register at http://bit.ly/NAMTC2020 Stay Healthy and see you on the 2nd!

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