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NAMTC Newsletter
  January, 2015  


NAMTC Newsletter
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2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit

San Diego Bayfront Hilton, December 2-3
by Beth Kabes, ESU #7 and NAMTC President-Elect
How can I recap a great experience like “Opportunity Collaboration?” The Summit experience for me was a definite high for me to end the 2014 year. A huge thanks go to Rob Mancabelli for leading off the two days with his view on personalized learning in a technology rich environment. Rob spoke of the change to 21st century learning is the most challenging change in education. He shared with us, “to see any change in education, we need to create the urgency and find a focus.”  With a terrific lead off from Rob, the group of education leaders then used the Open Spaces concept to build the remainder of the summit to meet their needs. Topic of discussion were around the themes of: Systemic Decision Making led by Rob Mancabelli, 21st Century Classroom led by Ron Cone,  How Are Services Marketed? led by Jerry Schobel, Partnering with Higher Ed led by Barb Siemaszko,  Assessment led by Dan Berger,  Communicating the urgency led by Diane Jackson, prepare students for the 21st Century Marketplace, led by Angela Burke, Data Integration, led by Dan Berger, Finding PD Time for Teachers, led by Stacy Behmer, and How Can NAMTC Help With Your Pain Points, led by Geoff Craven. Attendees self selected which session to attend and conversations around the themes and topics were discussed. Rich conversation was evident throughout the two days of open sessions. “All of the sessions were very helpful as I believe any time you have the opportunity to hear and learn from each other there is value. It will now be my responsibility to follow up and apply what I learned and connect with others to ensure that the sessions were very useful,” said an attendee. To learn more of these conversations, feel free to contact the leaders of each session. They should be able to share more details and provide updates on information and news. As a culmination of the event, Lisa Wilson from Grant Wood AEA in Cedar... Full Article >>


Denise Grasso Honored

2014 Herb Braselman Award Winner
by Sally Lindgren, Great Prarie AEA
The 2014 Braselman Award was awarded to Denise Grasso, Associate Executive Director of the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center(Greenbush) located in Girard, Kansas. Denise continues to provide exceptional leadership to NAMTC, having served as the Central At-Large Board Representative from 2009-2011, President-Elect in 2011, President in 2012 and Past-President in 2013, and is now in her second year as the Kansas Board Representative for NAMTC.  She has also both hosted and presented at the Leadership Summit. Denise’s vision, continued leadership and support for NAMTC has been evident throughout her career and continues through her continued contributions to... Full Article >>
Denise Grasso Honored 


Rob Mancabelli Receives NAMTC Award

2014 NAMTC Partner in Excellence
by Sally Lindgren, Great Prairie AEA
Rob Mancabelli has spent over a decade developing 21st-Century learning environments. He’s the co-author of Personal Learning Networks, Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education, and he writes a column for District Administration magazine. Rob also inspires audiences with insights into 21st-Century learning, strategies for engaging stakeholders, and methods for transforming organizations. In March 2012, Rob co-founded BrightBytes, an educational research organization with the core mission of improving the way the world learns. Based in San Francisco, CA, BrightBytes specifically has the goal of driving the way in which research and analysis are used to... Full Article >>
Rob Mancabelli Receives NAMTC Award 


2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit Sponsors


Thanks go to our Corporate Sponsors for an exciting Leadership Summit, held December 2-3, 2014 at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton.  Without the help of these NAMTC corporate members, the Summit would not have been as successful.
JDL Horizons
L4U Library Software
PBS Distribution
School Webmasters

A special thank you also goes to CoSN, for their Summit participation as a Strategic Partner.



Central At-Large Board Report

by Bill Menousek, ESU #3
Nebraska continues the work on the BlendEd project. Content from the NE licensed digital collection has been uploaded to the learning object repository and trainings have occurred facilitated by SAFARI Montage for ESU staff and for local districts by ESU personnel. A Regional Center from another state in the Central Time Zone that is also focusing on supporting Blended Learning is Grant Wood Area Education Agency in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Under the direction of Programs and Services Administrator Dr. Lisa Wilson, Blended Learning Pilot teams from area schools have been established. These schools began participating in a blended learning program in September to learn how to... Full Article >>


Pennsylvania State Board Report

by Mark Hoffman, Bucks County IU 22
The Intermediate Units in Pennsylvania continue to work collaboratively to identify innovative learning and support solutions for the Commonwealth’s schools.  Recent example include: • Holding statewide conversations on the use of BrightBytes and NearPod to inform both local and regional decisions about teaching, learning, and technology-related investments and strategies. • Coordinating regional training events for district technology leaders in a variety of specialized areas, including: Google, Microsoft, and Cisco industry-recognized certification areas.  At quarterly meetings, Intermediate Unit leaders in the areas of... Full Article >>


Iowa State Board Report

by Diane Jackson, Prairie Lakes AEA 8
In order to assess how technology is being used in the state of Iowa, the Area Education Agencies adopted BrightBytes statewide during the 2013-14 school year. BrightBytes is a needs assessment survey tool that collects data from teachers, students, and parents in four areas: classroom, access, skills and environment.  The data indicates that the greatest overall need area is at the classroom level.  Use of the 4C’s (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity) have the lowest scores for teachers.   Iowa AEA’s are working together to create professional development and to provide digital resources that promote the use of the 4C’s... Full Article >>


Nebraska State Board Report

by Molly Aschoff, ESU #8
Nebraska is in year three with the Learning Object Repository (LOR) project.  The use of Safari-Montage continues to grow around the state.  ESUs are providing professional development to schools on its many uses.  One goal of the ESUs is to create PD that can be shared throughout the ESUs using Safari-Montage as the vehicle for delivery.  This year the iMat (Statewide Instructional Materials Group) is having teachers participate in the statewide media preview by logging into Safari-Montage and previewing video selections and completing a survey that will be used to determine titles to be purchased for the state.  Previously DVDs were sent out to... Full Article >>


NAMTC Membership Committee Report

by Cliff Ehlinger, NAMTC Membership Chair
Completed Activities: Activities completed by Board: 1.  Educated members on the broad range of services NAMTC provides 2.  Utilized state and regional associations as vehicles to distribute information about  NAMTC activities and value 3.  Continued to expand corporate member prospect database 4.  Approved and implemented the membership development plan Activities completed by the Executive Director: 1.  Attempted strategic partnerships with state and regional associations and other   national associations to further NAMTC’s outreach and membership... Full Article >>


5 Education Tech Trends for 2015

link submitted by Andrea Downing, PBS
by Harman Singh




NewsWorthy Links

by Doreen Bergman, OCM BOCES

Got Permission to Upload that Video?
The National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
Everyone attends concerts and performances these days with hand-held devices that can record in an instant and so many are uploading those videos to websites and YouTube. NAfME (http://www.nafme.org/my-classroom/copyright/got-permission-to-upload-that-video/#.VKG7kw2PsTQ.twitter) shares some resources to help you navigate the legalities of posting those videos.
Media Literacy Education
The National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) shares the Core Principles of Media Literacy Education. The core principles provide a framework for incorporating media literacy into the curriculum and set the foundation that will ensure that our students are critically thinking about not only the messages that they receive but also the messages that they create. (http://namle.net/publications/core-principles/)
The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship
Identifying and understanding the nine elements of digital citizenship will allow us all to help our students become involved, safe, and effective digital citizens. Mike Ribble has done an excellent job defining the nine elements of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use. (http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/Nine_Elements.html)
How Much Do You Know About the World?
In this informative and comical TED Talk Hans Roslin demonstrates that you have a high statistical chance at being wrong about what you think you know! (https://www.ted.com/talks/hans_and_ola_rosling_how_not_to_be_ignorant_about_the_world)



Coding is a Hot Topic!

by Bill Menousek, ESU #3
I remember the time when teaching programming in K-12 schools was frowned upon. This week at ESU 3 we advertised a coding workshop with an elementary school focus and it filled in two days. We scheduled a second and it too is close to filling. I understand this data is anecdotal, but it does influence my perception that coding is a hot topic! If you’re interested in reintroducing coding for students, I recommend visiting these web sites: Code.org – (http://code.org) This site offers 3 possibilities of integrating Code Studio with elementary students. Begin with the “Hour of Code,” an online interactive tutorial that introduces... Full Article >>


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