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NAMTC Newsletter
  June, 2019  


NAMTC Newsletter
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North East Region Leadership Summit Report

First ever regional summit was a success!
by North East Planning Team
On May 9th and 10th, NAMTC members from NY gathered at the OCM BOCES in Syracuse for the first ever North East Leadership Summit. Kicking off this event, was the ever popular Hall Davidson who talked about Augmented, Virtual Reality and the impact emerging tools such as Alexa are having in our classrooms.

Next up Julie Finegan from The Learning Accelerator talked about Personalized Learning Resources that have been made available for schools and ESAs and closing out day 1, the team from E2CCB led by Danielle O’Connor talked about how they are supporting and implementing Personalized Learning in their schools.

On day 2, Attorney Carolyn Wimbly led a lively discussion about copyright compliance and the challenges schools are facing utilizing some of the emerging technology.

Many thanks to our corporate partners who joined us for this event: LinkIt!, Eduporium, Edumentum, Discovery, and SuperEval, and braved the “waters” of our NAMTC Shark Tank!

And most of all a big thank you to the OCM BOCES for their hospitality and the NY Planning Team of Doreen, Danielle, and Diana for all their efforts in bringing the Leadership Summit to the NorthEast.


Vision 2020: Innovate, Lead, Transform

NAMTC Leadership Summit, Phoenix AZ December 4, 2019
by Dr. Brad Landis (PA) NAMTC President Elect
Once again on Wednesday December 4th the National Leadership Summit will be held prior to the AESA Conference at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix AZ. For those arriving early, we will be arranging tours of a local school district on Tuesday afternoon December 3rd with an informal get-together to follow.

Keynotes will include national experts with a focus on how participants can assist in providing Transformation, Innovation and Leadership to their regional schools, culminating in a year long book study led by Angela Burke (MA)

Registration is $275.00, and can be made through AESA (for those attending the conference), or by contacting Geoff Craven geoff.c@ craventech.com. Corporate packages which include our popular NAMTC Shark Tank are available.

Hope to see you there!


"AEA Scout" launched by AEAs in Iowa

Licensed and local digital resources made available to students.
by Evan Abbey (IA)
Iowa’s Area Education Agencies are launching their brand new digital learning portal AEA Scout, bringing into one location all the digital resources licensed and locally developed for students to use directly. This includes immersive use such as playlists, annotations, and student-teacher feedback channels through resources as diverse as Learn360 and Scholastic BookFlix. This work further supports the statewide efforts in blended, personalized and fully online learning, led by AEA supports and professional development. For more information check out https://www.iowaaea.org/.


Student-Led Media Literacy Conference

Led by middle and high school students at WCNY Syracuse
by Diana Wendell (NY) NAMTC Board Member
The NAMTC and New York State Educational Media Association member, Onondaga-Cortland-Madison/Oswego School Library System hosted its second Student-Led Media Literacy Conference on May 21, 2019. The event was held at the studios of the Syracuse Public Television station, WCNY. Ten different groups of middle and high school students presented thirty-five minute sessions to their peers. School librarians and classroom teachers helped prep the students. Topics ranged from "The President in the Media" to "Creating a Youtube Channel". Lunch speakers were high school students currently enrolled (and one graduate currently attending college) in the BOCES Career/Tech Media program; who shared their experiences and encouraged attendees to consider enrolling. And lastly, there was an artist showcase of student artwork. Over ninety-five students attended. Check out the photos on Twitter at #medialitcon.


Danielle O'Connor to serve as NAMTC President-Elect

E2CCB Administrator to serve as NAMTC President-Elect
by NAMTC Board
Congratulations to Danielle O'Connor who was recently elected to serve as the President-Elect for NAMTC. Danielle who has served on the NAMTC board for several years, leads a team of educators and professionals for the E2CCB Boces in NY, providing services and resources for their schools, especially in emerging areas such as Personalized Learning. Thank you for your leadership and willingness to serve!
Danielle O'Connor to serve as NAMTC President-Elect 

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