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NAMTC Newsletter
  September, 2018  


NAMTC Newsletter
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Bold Leadership: Courage. Inspiration. Action.

20th Annual Leadership Summit November 27th and 28th
by NAMTC Board of Directors
The 20th Annual NAMTC Leadership Summit will be held November 27th and 28th at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. This year's theme will be Bold Leadership, and taking action during challenging times. Keynotes this year will include Dr. Brian Talbott, former Executive Director of AESA, Chairman of Schools and Libraries, and ESD Director. Brian will share with us emerging challenges for ESAs and Education and how ESAs must provide the leadership and resources to overcome them. As one of the selected ESAs in the country to help roll out the new ISTE standards, Angela Burke (MA) will share information about this process. NEW this year, the Annual Leadership Summit will shift for a full day Wednesday November 28th to reduce travel costs and time out of the office. Tuesday afternoon, there will be educational/business tours scheduled. If you are also planning to attend AESA, please register through the AESA web site, or contact Geoff Craven for assistance. Corporate Packages are available for this event.


Welcome Back!

Another school year begins…...
by Ron Cone, NAMTC President (NE)
As is often said this time of year, “Welcome back to another year of school!” I hope that you have been able to refocus and renew your energy to provide the support and opportunities students need to succeed this year. Like a comedian who prepares and creates an opportunity for their audience to laugh, we in education get to help support, prepare and provide opportunities for learning. Whether it is professional development or student centered learning, each opportunity provided is a chance to improve and hopefully the learner is ready. The theme for NAMTC this year is Bold Leadership: Courage, Inspiration, Action. This recurring theme will be the focus of our Shared Conversations and Leadership Summit. We hope that you will join us remotely for one of our bi-monthly Shared Conversations or in person at our Annual Leadership Summit - so that we can "boldly" move forward together!
Welcome Back! 


Focusing on Collaboration between all of our Instructional Programs

Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES
by Danielle O'Connor, (NY) NAMTC Board Member
At Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES we are focusing on collaboration between all of our instructional programs. Our belief is that high quality and effective instructional strategies should be present in programs for all of our learners. Our instructional programs serves our youngest learners through cooperative Preschool programs through our adult learners in Workforce Development Programs such as Career and Technical Education and Adult Education. Of course we serve students in all aspects of K-12 education in our early college high school P-TECH Program, as well as Alternative Education and Special Education Programs. Students thrive in educational environments that value and... Full Article >>


MCIU offers Leadership Design Academy

Developing a District Personalized Learning Plan
by Dr. Brad Landis, NAMTC President-Elect
In August this year, districts embarked upon a 2 year Leadership Academy to develop their own Personalized Learning Plans based upon James Rickabaugh's book Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning : A Roadmap for School Leaders. District Teams will: • Develop an actionable plan for implementing their district’s personalized learning objective • Learn, build, and apply a strategic action plan based on a customized entry point • Design and align a customized personalized learning model using a 6-step transformation process • Revise and expand on personalized learning ideas as part of a coaching and feedback process • Create a customized process that moves their... Full Article >>
MCIU offers Leadership Design Academy 


Digital Citizenship, Student Privacy

Shared Conversation, Sept 11, 3 PM EST 2 PM CST
  Join us at 2 PM CT, 3 PM ET for our first Shared Conversation of the 2018-2019 school year. This months conversation will feature Jeff Patterson, CEO and Founder of Gaggle, and Andrew Wallace, Director of Technology for South Portland Schools, (ME) as they talk about how schools are providing Digital Citizenship and handling Student Privacy Issues. Join us Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018 Time: 2 p.m. CDT, 3 p.m. EDT Visit the following link to join: https://collaborative.zoom.us/j/986629654 Meeting ID: 986-629-654  

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