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NAMTC Newsletter
  May, 2015  


NAMTC Newsletter
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2015 NAMTC Leadership Summit

December 1-2, Hyatt Regency New Orleans
by Doreen Bergman, OCM BOCES
I am very excited to be the Conference Chair for the 2015 NAMTC Leadership Summit which will be held in New Orleans on December 1 & 2, 2015. The Open Spaces concept that has been so successful in the past will again be utilized to bring highly engaging conversations around the theme of this year’s  Summit, “Meaningful and Authentic Learning  with Digital Resources.” The Leadership Summit will begin with a Keynote Address that will delivered by Defined Learning’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. David Reese.  Dr. Reese will focus on the ways in which digital resources can enrich the curriculum, support initiatives such as Project-Based Learning, and create opportunities to engage all learners across a school community. As Media and Technology Center leaders, we are in a unique position to help our districts integrate digital resources to positively impact student learning and support administrators and teachers as schools move from traditional print resources to digital resources. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in collaborative conversations throughout the two days based on their areas of interest. An agenda will be developed based on participants’ ideas and suggestions. We will also once again have a few educational partners (vendors) attending. We are also adding a Wednesday afternoon optional EdCamp. For those of you who will be staying for the AESA conference or who have a late flight are encouraged to join us as we explore some of the newest technologies and some fun “MakerSpace” activities. Registration for the NAMTC Leadership Summit is $275 per ESA staff person, and includes registration materials, breaks, two continental breakfasts and one lunch.  ESA registration is through the AESA Conference website, www.AESA.us.  Corporate representatives interested in attending should contact the NAMTC office... Full Article >>


NAMTC Membership

Why Now?
by Cliff Ehlinger, NAMTC Membership Chair
Organizations across the country, including national, state, and local groups are all having difficulty attracting and keeping members. Since these organizations rely on membership for survival, this is a serious problem. I have witnessed a decrease in membership in the service clubs that I belong to locally, in our churches, and in state organizations.  Recently I have heard of two clubs that are talking about dissolving.  The question is “why is this happening”.  I believe that it is necessary for organizations to take action to address three reasons for the decrease in memberships. The first is not fully understanding and addressing the needs of the... Full Article >>


NAMTC Membership Renewals

by Betty Ehlinger, NAMTC Executive Director

Membership renewal invoices were sent out electronically during the first week in May.  This is done annually so that those of you who might like to pay dues with end-of-year funds might be able to do so.  An additional invoice will be sent out in early July for those of you who would like to pay dues with 2015-2016 academic year funds.  If you have any questions, please contact Betty Ehlinger at bettyge@NAMTC.org





Robots in Schools

The Jetsons have Arrived!
by Geoff Craven, Central Susquehanna IU 16
If you were a child of the ‘60s and ‘70s, you might remember the cartoon show “The Jetsons.” Based upon a futuristic family, the series featured gadgets to improve the family’s daily living, including robots such as Rosie (the maid). By now you are probably wondering what does any of this have to with education? Forty years later, robots are assembling cars and performing surgery, and soon drones will be delivering packages. It only makes sense that this same type of technology once viewed as “Jetson-like” be made available to our students.  This past spring, a Danville Middle School student named Maddie became one of... Full Article >>


Robots are Here!

by Diane Jackson, Prairie Lakes AEA 8
Looking for ways to engage students, to give them choices, as well as giving them multiple ways to demonstrate what they have learned? How about robotics? Several Iowa Area Education Agencies have purchased various items to support STEM. These tools help students learn sequencing, problem solving, and coding. Here are a few tools that have been very popular with students and teachers: • Osmo is a unique accessory for the iPad which turns any surface into an imaginative playing field. Educational games such as Tangram, Newton, and Words are used with Osmo. (www.playosmo.com) • Bee-Bot is a robot designed for use... Full Article >>


And the Planning Worked!

by Bill Menousek, ESU 3
When you attend an educational conference, are you a planner, or do you rely on serendipity? The reason I ask is I recently attended the Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA) Conference. A personal observation I experienced days before the conference greatly influenced my attendance, and affected the topic of the breakout sessions I chose to attend. This observation occurred after a presentation I gave at a board meeting. I shared how the work of our Professional Development Department aligned with the board goals. I was excited to cite the examples of how our recently completed Trait Based Writing Online course was being implemented in our districts, and how our... Full Article >>


NewsWorthy Links

by Denise Grasso, Southeast Kansas ESC

I don’t know about all of you, but do you have the time to read everything that we are being inundated with regarding technology and its implementation and/or the vast amount of media resources that are available to us? Check out the following links….perhaps you may find some of them of interest.

 How Can Librarians Lead the Digital Transformation

 The Problem with the SAMR Model

 5 Ways to Create A Safer Digital Environment at Your School

 3D Printing in the Classroom



2015-2016 NAMTC Budget

by Geoff Craven, NAMTC Treasurer
As a grass roots organization, NAMTC's operational costs are derived from its support of institutional members and corporate partners.  One of the primary sources of revenue are membership dues.  The budget includes a slight increase of $10 to both institutional and corporate membership dues.  As of April 17, 2015, NAMTC had a combined Net Worth (checking and savings) of $10,996.24.  Income is bsed on membership fees and Summit revenue of $30,185.  Expenses of $29,528 include those from the Summit, office (including Executive Director's fees), board expenses and some miscellaneous. As always, if you have any questions, please contact Geoff... Full Article >>


NAMTC Talking Points

by Valerie Taylor Hill, NAMTC Publications Chair

The NAMTC Board has developed "talking points" to help describe the organization's work. NAMTC's mission is strengthened through:
N - A network of educational service leaders
A - The Annual Leadership Summit planned Dec. 1-2, 2015, New Orleans Hyatt Regency
M - Media and Technology focus
T - Teaching through Shared Conversations
C - Collaboration and a clearinghouse of resources
Please feel free to use these talking points to support collegial conversations about what NAMTC offers to its members.



NAMTC Corporate Members


490 2nd St., Suite 302
San Francisco, CA 94107  Ph:   415 636 0831
Human Relations Media, Inc. (HRM Video)
41 Kensico Dr.
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549  Ph:   914 666 9151
Fax: 914 244 0485
JDL Horizons, LLC
8200 Kingslee Road
Bloomington, MN 55438  Ph:   952 697 0555
Fax: 952 697 0551
L4U Library Software
1632 Dickson Ave.
Suite 400
Kelowna, BC V1Y 7T2 CANADA  Ph:   250 712 4644
Fax: 800 856 4036
Medianet/Dymaxion Research Ltd.
5515 Cogswell St.
Halifax, NS, B3J IR2 CANADA  Ph:   9024221973x182
Fax: 902 421 1267
NBC Learn
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Office 2771E-2
New York, NY 10112  Ph:   203 716 1231
Fax: 646 202 5123
New Dimension Media, Inc.
307 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60601  Ph:   312 642 9400
Fax: 312 642 9805
PBS Distribution
2100 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202-3785  Ph:   703 739 8693
Fax: 703 739 5085
School Webmasters
2846 E. Nora St.
Mesa, AZ 85213  Ph:   480 240 9777
Fax: 480 240 9796
Tek Data Systems Co.
1111 West Park Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048  Ph:   847 367 8800
Fax: 847 367 0235
2150 S. Country Club Drive #12
Mesa, AZ 85210  Ph:   480 924 8661
Fax: 623 321 7815
Weston Woods/Scholastic
90 Old Sherman Tpke.
Danbury, CT 06816  Ph:   203 797 3523
Fax: 203 797 3531


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