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Date: June 28th, 2011
Submitted By: Mary Bogan   -   Web Site: onecallnow.com

One Call Now Releases iPhone App 2.0

One Call Now has released its upgraded iPhone App 2.0. With this app, users can send their choice of voice, SMS text, or email messages to large or small numbers of people using their iPhones.

New features include the ability to send messages to large groups of people. This is ideal for anyone who wants the freedom to contact large numbers of his or her group from any location. In addition, certain Group rosters can now be managed from the iPhone. Rosters can include members of congregations, employees, sports teams, clubs, and organizations.

This free app is available through iTunes. A free 30-day trial subscription to One Call Now is available to new users through their iPhone.

One Call Now is the only major message notification service provider with an iPhone app.