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Date: April 5th, 2010
Submitted By: Harvey Cahoon   -   Web Site: www2.lanschool.com

LanSchool: Teacher's Assistant app

LanSchool is excited to announce that on April 2 the company released a new app on iTunes called the Teacher's Assistant. The Teacher's Assistant app pairs with either the LanSchool Lite or LanSchool v7.4 teacher console and allows you to perform critical classroom monitoring and management tasks directly from the iPad.
You can see screenshots, documentation, videos, download and find out more about the app at the following URL:
There is no cost for the Teacher's Assistant app on iTunes and you must be running the Teacher Console v7.4.1.8 or later.
We have also announced a new certfication program called "EdApp Certified". EdApp is an SDK that is available to app developers that develop apps for the education market. The EdApp SDK will allow apps to be discovered and managed from the Teacher's console. If you are using iPads, iPods, or iPhones in the classroom and want to manage these devices let us know what apps you want to manage and we'll contact the developers for you to see if they'd be willing to make their app, EdApp Certified.
Finally, very soon we'll have the Teacher's Assistant released for the iPod and iPhone. We're also very close to having the student app done for the iPad, iPod and iPhone, so stayed tuned.
As you can tell we're very excited about the possibility of these platforms in the classroom. We recommend visiting http://www2.lanschool.com/e/2262/2010-04-05/18H1Q/51973558 as a wonderful site that reviews apps for education.