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Date: July 1st, 2014
Submitted By: Valerie Taylor Hill   -   Web Site: https://gwaea.eduvision.tv/directplayer.aspx?q=trkxL8LvXknIHR4fU%252buIgMF%252bkA5hcmeQtWJxUqkwXbM%2

Link to Marketing Shared Conversation

NAMTC Shared Conversation: The Communications and Marketing of Media and Technology Services: Strengthening Information Channels was presented on June 4, 2014. Presenters were Valerie Taylor Hill from Grant Wood Area Education Agency, Rachel Morrison of PBS and Courtney Uebinger representing Greenbush - Southeast Kansas Education Service Center. These NAMTC communications professionals shared communications and marketing strategies they use to strengthen organizational information for the public and staff. Here is the link to view their Shared Conversation:
And a link via bit.ly for reference to assist with metrics: