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Date: March 17th, 2014
Submitted By: Tim Devlin and Beth Kabes   -   Web Site: video.magpi.net/videos/video/1016/

Sharing Classroom Experiences w/Others

Take an opportunity to watch and listen to NAMTC members discuss classroom curriculum collaborations. Tim Devlin from Allegheny IU in Pennsylvania and Beth Kabes from ESU7 in Nebraska share their experiences and tips for teachers to participate in a classroom collaboration with other states and entities. The 1-hour session will review how to get started, technology needs and concerns, types of programs, and benefits from these experiences.

Beth and Tim met through NAMTC and were able to connect classrooms of students in many programs. The two continue to reach out to their schools and each other for enhancing classroom curriculums and student experiences.

The archive link is at http://video.magpi.net/videos/video/1016/

No password required. NAMTC Shared Conversation on March 12, 2014.