The NAMTC Board and membership invite you to join and become a part of this professional organization.  There are many different organizations out there, NAMTC is the only one which deals with providing leadership, services and resources at the regional level.  

NAMTC is strong in its support to all members.  Whether it's a shared conversation facilitated by its association members, our annual Leadership Summit, or just reaching out to your colleagues across the country - NAMTC and its membership are ready to assist.  

We continue to be a nationally recognized association and leader in the fields of media, instructional technology and information services. We invite you to be a part of this great association.

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Membership Benefits

Membership in NAMTC allows you to form a working partnership with the largest single organization committed to providing media and technology to over 20 million students across the United States.

Membership includes 

Corporate Members have the benefits mentioned above, plus:

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