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NAMTC provides the following links and resources as a courtesy to our members and visitors. 

2014 NAMTC Board of Directors Candidates

NAMTC Candidates for the 2014 Board election (236K) — Bios and photos of candidates for the January 2014 Board of Directors election

2013 Leadership Summit in San Antonio

2013 NAMTC Leadership Summit Program Booklet (0K)
2013 Leadership Summit Flyer (202K) — Description and agenda of 2013 NAMTC Leadership Summit
2013 Leadership Summit program agenda (14K)
2013 Summit Hotel Reservation Information (13K) — JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country hotel reservation information and NAMTC Board Meeting schedule
Corporate Member Summit Registration Info (11K) — Silver, Gold and Platinum registration levels are available for NAMTC Corporate Members. This spreadsheet outlines the options.
Corporate Member Information Sheet (18K) — Additional information for NAMTC Corporate Members who wish to attend the 2013 Leadership Summit. Includes deadlines.
Open Spaces PowerPoint (11.1MB) — Presented via webinar to NAMTC Corporate Members, August 16, 2013

2012 Leadership Summit in Tampa

14th Annual Leadership Summit Program Booklet (775K) — Marriott Waterside in Tampa, Florida, November 27-28, 2012
Online Learning and Digital Resources (10.9MB) — How Florida Virtual Schools and PBS LearningMedia work together...a NAMTC Leadership Summit presentation in Tampa.
E-Rate Program as a Tennager (138K) — Summit session by Mel Blackwell, VP Schools and Libraries Division for USAC
Taming Technology-Taking Control of Education (5.5MB) — Summit presentation by Joshua Santora, NASA/KSC-EXE Education Program Specialist, John F. Kennedy Space Center
2012 NAMTC Leadership Summit Program Booklet (775K)
Call for Student Bright Spots at the Summit (14K) — Call for student technology use presentations for panel at Tampa Summit. Deadline is October 1, 2012.
Application for Student Bright Spot at the Summit (14K) — Deadline is October 1, 2012.
ArticleHotel Information for Tampa — Marriott Tampa Waterside is the conference hotel for the November 27-29, 2012 NAMTC Leadership Summit
Corporate Marketing Opportunities for 2012 Summit (17K) — To participate in these marketing options, email Betty Ehlinger, NAMTC Executive Director,

Links for Distance Learning Programs

Links for Distant Learning Opportunities (13K) — Links for Distant Learning Opportunities as provided by NAMTC members

NAMTC Brochures and Forms

NAMTC Membership Brochure (3.0MB)

2011 Leadership Summit in Colorado Springs

2011 NAMTC Leadership Summit Program Booklet (539K) — Provides information on activities at the 2011 Leadership Summit.
Building a Collaborative Culture to Ensure School Success (997K) — Presentation by Cheryl Williams, Learning First Alliance 11/29/2011
Virtual Reality Educational Pathfinder (5.1MB) — Transforming the Learning Experience by Letting Students Lead and Learn; a presentation by Trace Pickering, Grant Wood AEA. 11/29/2011
Association of Educatonal Purchasing Agencies (1.0MB) — A national coperative with local presence with a mission of saving money for schools...presentation by Brad Stefanoni, Greenbush. 11/29/2011
Partnerships for Internationally Connected Learning (1.9MB) — presentation by Tim Devlin, Allegheny CONNECT, 11,30, 2011
EduVision in Iowa (3.4MB) — Bright Spots panel presentation by Sally Lindgren, Great Prairie AEA
E Learning (2.8MB) — A Bright Spots panel presentation by Beverly Knox-Pipes
Cyberbullying...It's Everyone's Problem (0K) — Presentation by Detective Richard Hunt, Colorado Springs Police Department. 11/30/2011
ArticleBroadmoor Hotel Reservation Information — For those attending the Summit ONLY. NAMTC meetings will be held in the West Building of the Broadmoor.
Corporate Opportunities at the Summit (17K) — Corporate members are encouraged to participate in the Summit by taking advantage of these options. Email the NAMTC office with your participation options and you will be invoiced directly.

2011 NAMTC Sessions at AESA

Call for Proposals...NAMTC Presents at 2011 AESA (15K)
2011 Proposal Form (13K) — NAMTC members should submit to NAMTC office by April 25, 2011.

12th Leadership Summit (Savannah)

MySpace and Twitter and Facebook, Oh My (991K) — Behaving appropriately in a Digital World by Denise Grasso, Southeast Kansas ESC
Not your Father's Smithsonian (16.9MB) — Digital Media for Today's Learners Program by Michelle K. Smith, Director of Publications and Digital Media at the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies
LinkFrom the Bright Spots Panel... — Barbara Fardell, Michigan Dept. of Education, presented on the MORE portal.
Leadership Summit Agenda and Hotel Information (17K) — Read the program agenda for the Summit and locate information for Westin hotel reservations.
12th Leadership Summit Call for Proposals Due June 15, 2010 (15K) — Call for proposals for the Savannah Summit. Includes application form.
2010 Summit Corporate Opportunities (16K) — A listing of marketing options for NAMTC corporate members at the Savannah Summit, November 30-December 1. Corporate members should contact the NAMTC office for registration information, 319 654 0608.

11th NAMTC Leadership Summit (Austin)

11th NAMTC Leadership Summit Agenda (16K) — The schedule for the Austin Summit is available for your review and planning purposes. Grace Global will provide an Internet Cafe for your use during the Summit.
11th Leadership Summit Registration Form (Austin) (53K) — If you are planning to attend the Summit, but do not wish to register for the AESA conference, please FAX or mail the registration form to the address provided on the form.
Corporate Opportunities at the Austin Summit (76K) — Corporate members may wish to take advantage of a variety of marketing options available at the 11th Leadership Summit. To sign up, please contact the NAMTC office, 319 654 0608.
Austin Hotel Options (30K) — If you are attending the Summit ONLY, and wish to utilize a conference discount, please follow these directions.
11th Leadership Summit/AESA Registration Brochure and Form (6.9MB) — The 11th Summit will be held as a pre-con event prior to AESA. Members can register only for the Summit, or for the Summit and AESA, utilizing the registration form in this brochure. NAMTC Corporate Members who wish to exhibit or present at the Summit must register through the NAMTC office. Call 319 654 0608 for details.

Digitally Inclined

Teachers Increasingly Value Media and Technology (623K) — PBS Survey, Digitally Inclined. 2009

Recycling E-Waste

Recycling and Safely Disposing of e-Waste (33K) — Compiled for the 2009 Leadership Summit, this document provides information on choosing an electronics recycler and provides resources for such.

Learning Communities from NAMTC Corporate Members

LinkEducation World Community — A profesisonal network for educators, this Community offers a chance for those in technology and media positions to participate in discussions, share resources and intereact.
LinkSAFARI Montage HD Network — Share best practices, exchange ideas, read blogs and articles from expert users and technological leaders in education, participate in stimulating forum discussions on relevant issues and become more proficient users of SAFARI Montage!
LinkVIP Tone Provides — A free online global community and content repository for teachers

Copyright Resources

Link10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained
LinkStanford University Libraries Copyright Website
LinkAIME: Your Copyright Resource Organization — The Association for Information Media and Equipment (AIME) is a membership organization offering answers to your copyright questions, advice from AIME's legal counsel and a quarterly newsletter dealing with copyright issues.
LinkPlay It Cybersafe
LinkDigital Citizenship and Creative Content — This free curriculum fosters student understanding of the rights connected with digital creative content.
ArticleRights, rights? Wrong!
ArticleCopyright in the Classroom: A Workshop for Educators
ArticleAre You Breaking the Law? — Copyright guidelines for digital video in the classroom apply to all!
LinkCopyright" section of PBS Teacher Source

Resources for Motion & Digital Media

Impact of Motion Media on Adult and K-12 Learning (1.9MB)
Impact of Video on Student Learning in Formal Education (965K)

10th NAMTC Leadership Summit (Phoenix)

Leadership Summit Registration (87K) — The 10th Leadership Summit will be held as a pre-conference to the AESA Conference in Phoenix, December 2-3, 2008.
Leadership Summit Topics and Speakers (205K)
10th Annual Leadership Summit Program Book (Phoenix) (1.3MB) — Agenda, speaker biographies and award recipients are included in the 2008 Summit program.

2008 AESA Sessions, NAMTC Presents

The New 3D Equation: (449K) — "Delivering" Services + Saving "Dollars" = "Digital" Employees
Get Your Foot in the Door (2.0MB) — Engaging in Statewide Assessment Systems
Using Digital Telecommunications (5.5MB) — Share positive images of education today!

2007 AESA Sessions, NAMTC Presents

Copyright Policies: Keeping Up With the Law (525K) — Copyright law has undergone major revisions in the last decade and these changes may not be reflected in many district and regional educational policies and guidelines.
Personal Technology Bans (2.4MB) — Many districts are struggling with how to contain personal technology, while others look for ways to embrace it.
Universal Design (2.7MB) — Regional Media and Technology Center Programs Meet the Challenge
Data Warehousing: Not our fathers' spreadsheets (3.7MB) — Using data to improve student achievement

2006 AESA Conference Sessions

OhThose Kids! (2.3MB) — Review the use of personal electronics in education.
Hosting and Providing Web-Based SIS & Ancillary Services (3.6MB) — Grant Wood AEA discusses how they have modeled a complete range of services for schools, anchored by the web-based pearson Centerpoint Student System.
On-Line Resources as Information Tools for a Digital World (9.0MB) — Focus on information skills that are critical to effective and efficient use of resources by both staff and students.
Copyright Policies--After the Basics (286K) — Focus on the changes relevant to school districts and ESAs with discussions on writing copyright policies that cover the new digital technologies.
Policies Are the Foundation for Technology Programs (379K) — Board policies, administrative regulations and program procedures must be maintained to ensure appropriate services, to meet federal and state requirements, and to provide the foundation for technology services.
Sample Technology Policies (642K) — Policies from various educational institutions and agencies
Plan for the Technological Future? (283K) — Explore how a management team can be better informed to support, equip, and advise employees and customers.

2015 NAMTC Leadership Summit New Orleans

2015 NAMTC Leadership Summit Program Booklet (3.2MB) — 17th annual Summit Program Booklet, "Meaningful and Authentic Learning with Digital Resources & Devices"
2015 Summit Open Spaces Topics (14K) — Discussions as determined by attendees
2015 Mini EdCamp Poster (846K)

Shared Conversations

Makerspaces (603K) — Learn how 2 ESAs are providing leadership and supporting their districts on creating Makerspaces
11-15 Next Generation Print Shops (499K)

2016 Leadership Summit Highlights

Highlights from the 2016 Leadership Summit (1.4MB) — Sights and Activities from the 2016 Leadership Summit: BlendED on my Mind