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NAMTC Newsletter
  March, 2014  


NAMTC Newsletter
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President's Message

by Dr. Sally Lindgren, Great Prairie AEA

The importance of technology continues to climb among NAMTC members and with Schools and Corporate members in general. As the world becomes digital the impact is far reaching!  What was once a physical object- like a book, or video, or floppy disk is now digital. These bits and bytes of digital information are the new assets of the 21st Century!  On the reverse…these digital bits and bytes can easily be printed into a 3D objects.  Web based transactions, subscriptions, blogs, text messages, video calls, and information in every format flows 24/7 on a busy superhighway that reaches into nearly every community now.

As we step back and view all these technologies of today, schools have often lagged behind, but are beginning to catch up with greater use and integration of technology for teaching and learning.  As we dig deeper, we find that shifts are happening about how we think about learning. With so many resources available- learning really does become personal. With social networks…learning really becomes collaborative. Learning easily extends beyond the classroom walls at all times of the day and night. Instructional strategies such as Flipped Learning (using video outside of the classroom to create more hands on opportunities in the classroom) are becoming more and more mainstream.  All of these technologies impact how and where teaching and learning take place.

Introduce RDL… Re-Designed Learning is a broad look at how we can create learning spaces to promote creativity, collaboration, communication and creative thinking in schools.  It’s all about engaging students into content through the use of technology, empowering students to personally learn, and teachers to facilitate instruction through collaborative group work and big idea projects. It’s the kind of learning that thrives in re-designed learning spaces. These spaces have no front, or back, or sides. There is no teacher desk but many round or puzzle shaped tables. Everything is on wheels and can easily be re-configured to match any learning arrangement needed. The room is mobile. There are whiteboards and screens. There are spaces within spaces.  Technology is organic to the room. Everything flows.  Learning in these environments is differentiated. Students learn together, but also individually. Students pace themselves as teachers guide them through content from big ideas to thoughtful questions.  This is the place where 20th Century teaching shifts into 21st Century learning.

Education Service Agencies can help teachers make this shift by providing lots of 21st century learning opportunities. Through discussion with peers from around the country at NAMTC’s Open Spaces Summit last December; it was clear that to encourage this shift, ESA’s need to provide teachers with many opportunities to experience this type of learning.  ESA’s need to model the 4C’s and change the default.



2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit, December 2-3, San Diego Bayfront Hilton

Opportunity Collaboration--partnerships, relationships, connections
by Beth Kabes, Education Service Unit #7

ESAs are in a unique position to provide customized learning opportunities for and with our customers.  As partnerships and relationships are a driving force in the world around us, this Summit will allow us to join together, using Open Space Technology, to develop solutions in the area of “Opportunity Collaboration.” Presentations and informal conversations will provide information that can be applied within your individual ESA.  

The topic ‘Opportunity Collaboration - partnerships, relationships, connections’ will serve as an umbrella for contributions including, but not limited to:
● Connecting Classrooms state to state to engage students in collaborative learning
● How do we talk? How do we grow real collaboration?
● What skills do we need to “Flip” our service agencies as we “Flip” our classrooms?
● K-12 Libraries in the BlendEd environment
● Linking data systems to content systems
● States addressing digital learning plans

Plan to register a group from your ESA and take part in this exciting opportunity.  The Summit welcomes Technology/Media Directors,  plus those who work with student information systems/data bases; those who are responsible for integration of media and technology; those who identify and purchase physical and electronic materials;  those who provide professional development on the use of these materials;  those who work with your LANs and WANs;  researchers;  those working with student and school improvement programs; and central administrators responsible for any and all of these activities. 

The Summit will be held on Tuesday, December 2, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Wednesday, December 3, 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.  at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton.  Registration is $275 per ESA staff person, and includes registration materials, breaks, two continental breakfasts and one lunch.  Corporate representatives interested in attending should contact the NAMTC office directly, bettyge@NAMTC.org.


2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit, December 2-3, San Diego Bayfront Hilton 


DIY Professional Development

by Lindy Hockenbary, Montana Regional IV ESA
Every 21st century teacher should take charge of their own professional development. It is important for educators to model to students that there is no specific place or time for learning - learning never ends. Below are two DIY learning strategies: Twitter -  WAIT! Before you disregard Twitter as a valid professional development source, please read on. Twitter is much more than telling the world what you ate for lunch! Twitter provides the opportunity to attend professional development workshops anytime and anywhere. One of the biggest struggles of being an educator is lack of time. Since twitter posts are short and to the point (limited to 140 characters),... Full Article >>


PA Students Get Competitive Juices Energized at State Computer Fair

by Dr. Kevin Andreyo, Berks County Intermediate Unit
For more than a decade, Pennsylvania high school and middle school students have competed in an annual computer fair, which highlights students' application skills and computer knowledge.   Thousands of students have participated in this annual event—an event that showcases the integration of technology project-based learning.  Students unleash their creativity, convey information dynamically, and enthusiastically participate in learning.  For many students, this event is an academic highlight. Students submit entries in one of six categories: animation, computer fair logo, digital movie, graphic design, programming, and web page design. ... Full Article >>


Let's Keep Moving forward...Together

by Dr. Cliff Ehlinger, NAMTC Membership Chair
This is the time of the year that NAMTC identifies the enhancements that have been made for our membership and to remind members that in May membership renewal notices will be sent out for the next year. As I look at the improvements and expansion that our membership has been involved with it is apparent that NAMTC members continue to be on the forefront of improved services to our students and educators.  This is true in both of the areas of media and technology.  One function of NAMTC is to connect members through the central office of our Executive Director, Betty Ehlinger.  On the media side she has provided assistance in coordinating input on... Full Article >>


Navigating the Digital World Using Assistive Technology

A NAMTC Shared Conversation on April 22
by Dan Berger, Tuscarora IU

Lex Bard, a senior from Southern Huntingdon High School in Pennsylvania, will join NAMTC members on April 22 from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. EASTERN for a demonstration and discussion about how technology assists blind individuals in navigating both the physical and digital worlds. Lex is often asked by his school colleagues how he can be on Facebook or read email and why he has a smart phone if he cannot see the screen. He will demonstrate assistive technology like screen readers for surfing the Internet and explain how these tools help him integrate into a rural public school. Following Lex's presentation, we will discuss how LEAs can assure that that the digital resources they provide are accessible.

If you would like to participate via video conference please visit http://tinyurl.com/namtcvc to access the registration form. If you have questions please email vctech@tiu11.org or call 814-542-3737.  The session will be archived on the NAMTC website for additional viewing. 

This session is the second in the series of Shared Conversations, sponsored by NAMTC as a member service.



Classroom Curriculum Collaborations

A NAMTC Shared Conversation held on March 12, 2014
by Tim Devlin, Allegheny IU and Beth Kabes, ESU 7
Take an opportunity to watch and listen to NAMTC members discuss classroom curriculum collaborations. Tim Devlin from Allegheny IU in Pennsylvania and Beth Kabes from ESU7 in Nebraska share their experiences and tips for teachers to participate in a classroom collaboration with other states and entities. The 1-hour session reviews how to get started, technology needs and concerns, types of programs, and benefits from these experiences. Beth and Tim met through NAMTC and were able to connect classrooms of students in many programs. The two continue to reach out to their schools and each other for enhancing classroom curriculums and student experiences. The archive... Full Article >>


Member Comments on Media/Technology Questions

1:1 initiatives, ebooks, circulation systems
by Susan Schrader, Heartland AEA
NAMTC recently asked Institutional Members for input on several questions that were raised by the membership.  As a continuation of our goal to increase communications and aid in the collaborative services offered to the organization’s membership, the basic survey information is provided to you.  Note that the survey asked for contact information for the individual responsible for the area of discussion, should you wish to follow-up. Q1.  Has any NAMTC institutional member developed an instrument to measure the effectiveness of each student having his/her own iPad or equivalent? Answered: 18 Yes: 0% No:... Full Article >>


NewsWorthy Links

Today's STEM Realities
by Diane Jackson, Prairie Lakes AEA 8
The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) will grow 17 percent by 2018—nearly double the growth for non-STEM fields. By 2018, the U.S. will have more than 1.2 million unfilled STEM jobs because there will not be enough qualified workers to fill them. STEM is where jobs are today and where the job growth will be in the future. From Project Lead the Way website:    www.pltw.org/about-pltw Here are just a few of the STEM websites for students and teachers: Jason Learning ... Full Article >>


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