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NAMTC Newsletter
  November, 2014  


NAMTC Newsletter
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Promotion and Marketing Strategies Haunt Us Everyday

by Beth Kabes, ESU 7
 As a regional educational agency, one of our services is to provide resources for teachers and students in the districts of which we serve. These may include video, audio, images, databases, and ebooks. The resources are high quality and are educationally based. However, not all teachers and students are utilizing the resources. I am haunted by the fact that the usage remains somewhat stable with occasional small increases. Why are they not being used? What can be done to increase the use?  While attending AASL Fall Forum, “Anytime, Anywhere Learning,” in October, I toured and visited with neighboring agency media center and staff. Their concerns are the same, “How do we promote and market the resources that we have available to teachers and students?” In an attempt to address this concern, and develop a marketing plan, I decided to share my research and ideas.  My plan began with researching marketing plans and utilizing social media to promotion/marketing. Helen Todd from Helen2.0 Fluid Communications included eight basic advertising ideas in her article, “Eight easy ways to promote your small business for free.” This is where I began identifying steps of a marketing plan to promote instructional resources.  Helen identified the first step is to recognize who your audience is. This is nothing new, but yet often overlooked. Who are we tying to reach? Once the stakeholder group is identified, it is on to how to reach them. I fell that was a missing piece in previous plans. I was not sure if I was trying to reach administrators, teachers or students. I do believe I need to reach all, but my plan should be different for each audience rather than using the same approach for each. For our first attempt at promotion, the audience is for teachers.  Now the fun part, the how!! In the past, we have used listservs, the webpage, presentations at conferences and local workshops to... Full Article >>


2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit

by Betty Ehlinger, NAMTC Executive Director
The 16th NAMTC Leadership Summit, December 2-3, will be held at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton.  Rob Mancabelli, CEO & Cofounder of BrightBytes, will speak at the Leadership Summit on the topic The New Digital Divide:  Is Personalized, Networked Learning Happening in Our Schools.  An educator with over a decade of experience in schools, Rob is an internationally known speaker, writer, and consultant on educational innovation. He’s the co-author of the book Personal Learning Networks (2011), a keynote speaker at education conferences, and a writer for District Administration magazines. Rob sits on the board of Education Week magazine and has an MBA from... Full Article >>
2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit 


Talking Points about NAMTC

by Valerie Taylor Hill, Grant Wood AEA

The NAMTC Board recently developed "talking points" to help describe the organization's work. NAMTC's mission is strengthened through:

N - A network of educational service leaders
A - The Annual Leadership Summit planned Dec. 2-3, 2014, Bayfront Hilton, San Diego, Calif.
M - Media and Technology focus
T - Teaching through Shared Conversations
C - Collaboration and a clearinghouse of resources

NAMTC offers a wealth of resources. Please use these talking points to support collegial conversations about what NAMTC offers to its members.



Teaching and Learning with Digital Resources to Support PBL

by Doreen Bergman, OCM BOCES
Project-Based Learning is sweeping the nation and many schools are transforming the way they teach and the way our students learn. As more and more schools transition to a PBL model, digital learning tools are seamlessly infused into the classroom and throughout the curriculum. This is an excellent opportunity for those of us that provide information resources, media, and digital tools to our learning communities. As we focus on providing equitable access to information resources, our focus will continue to shift away from traditional sources of information to a wide variety of digital tools and resources that are simply more robust and engaging for our students.  We know that... Full Article >>


Chief of Naval Operations-Admiral Jonathan Greenert in the Classroom

Global Security
by Tim Devlin, Allegheny IU 3
This is part of a series of classroom-based Interactive Videoconference Events engaging students across the country and world in educational forums on a variety of issues. In Western Pennsylvania, students at the Moon Area High School had the unique opportunity to hear directly about Global Security from Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations, U.S Navy and Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  guarded by NCIS agents as he presented in their school auditorium.  Several local schools and a school in Taiwan participated in the interactive videoconference program which allowed students in some of the most vulnerable parts of the world ask questions of the head of US... Full Article >>


Becoming a Digital Leader Worth Following:

Nebraska Digital Citizenship Symposiums
by Molly Aschoff, ESU 8
As the use of technology in schools rises, so does the responsibility of educating students in the proper use of that technology especially in the area of using social media.  At first the answer was to ban the use of social media in schools, but as we have learned it can be a powerful tool to communicate and to gain knowledge from others through networking.  Schools have allowed the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites but with this comes the poor behaviors of cyberbullying and sexting. Nebraska Educational Service Units and the Nebraska Department of Education have teamed up to put on through the use of video conferencing a... Full Article >>


Ebola Crisis in the Classroom

On the Ground with Save the Children
by Tim Devlin, Allegheny IU 3
This is part of a series of classroom-based Interactive Videoconference Events engaging students across the country and world in educational forums on a variety of issues. In Western Pennsylvania, students at Hampton Township High School participated as the host school with Gary B. Shaye, Senior Director of Humanitarian Operations from Save the Children, sharing  what the crisis looks like on the ground in West Africa and how international organizations are responding to the crisis. Students from 21 schools in 9 different countries made presentations about how the Ebola Crisis is affecting them. The title of the student program was Ebola Crisis; On the Ground with Save... Full Article >>


NewsWorthy Links

by Andrea Downing, PBS

Digital Literacy

Impact of new e-rate stipulations

Trends in K12 ed tech from the recent CA CUE conference



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