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NAMTC Newsletter
  September, 2014  


NAMTC Newsletter
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From the NAMTC President

by Dan Berger, Tuscarora IU
Here is hoping you are off to exciting 2014/15 school year. With the many changes impacting K12 education what better place to be active than in the world of educational technology? The opportunity for change is everywhere. Over the past year much has already changed and new changes are coming. 3D printing used to be a novelty. Today, many schools make these tools available to their students as they engage in pre-engineering activities. Teaching students to understand our currency is a standard elementary activity. What changes are in store as virtual currencies such as Bitcoin take hold? How will robots change our understanding of learning. Today, NAMTC members are helping their LEAs use robots to allow students to attend class even when they cannot physically be there. Wearable technologies may change how students interact with school systems. Using the electrocardiogram unique to each person allows for the creation of devices that identify each student to the school’s food service system and provide an additional level of security in that they work only while that student is wearing them. “Navigating a data driven education” is the title of a recent Marketplace story which explores the “quantified student”. As more and more data is collected about each of our learners we will need work on ways to balance privacy and usefulness. With so many open questions, this is a great time to be a NAMTC member and share your ideas with colleagues across the country. As an Institutional Member, if you have yet registered, this would be a great time to visit www.aesa.us   and register for the 2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit. It takes place December 2-3, 2014 at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton. Corporate Members should contact the NAMTC office for registration information.  This year’s theme “Opportunity Collaboration: Partnerships / relationships /... Full Article >>


Leadership Summit, December 2-3, 2014

San Diego Bayfront Hilton REGISTER NOW!
by Betty Ehlinger, NAMTC Executive Director

The 2014 NAMTC Leadership Summit will be held December 2-3 at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton.  The Open Spaces concept used at the 2013 Summit will again be utilized to bring highly engaging conversations around the topic of collaboration. NAMTC members will be present from educational institutions across the nation and NAMTC corporate members with educational influence as well. These two groups will come together and share their knowledge and experiences of the partnerships formed through the NAMTC organization.

The success of the Open Spaces concept from 2013 is the basis for the extension of the conversation in 2014. “Keep up the discussion about moving forward and how we can work together,” said a participant from last year. The planning committee is currently leveraging with national leaders in intermediate agencies to share their work in personalizing learning through collaboration opportunities. With the current research about learners taking control of their learning, conversations from the Summit will address this concept while resulting in solutions and strategies to use in at your agency.

It is an exciting time to be part of the collaboration opportunities movement in education. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and grow with leaders across the nation. You will remember this Summit as one that impacts your learning. Join us at NAMTC Leadership Summit 2014 – Opportunities Collaboration through partnerships, relationships, connection.

If you are planning to attend the AESA conference, which will follow the Leadership Summit, you are able to register for both on the AESA conference registration form at www.AESA.us   If you are planning to attend only the Leadership Summit, you may register through AESA’s site, or simply send me an email and I will send an invoice for Summit registration, which is $275.00 for Institutional NAMTC Members.  If you desire Corporate Member Registration, please contact me directly for fees.




Partnerships, Relationships and Connections through NAMTC

Leadership Summit, December 2-3, 2014, San Diego Bayfront Hilton
by Beth Kabes, ESU #7
As the NAMTC organization moves forward, what can the organization provide for your benefit? What is it about NAMTC that is of interest to regional education agencies?       Reflecting on my experience as both a NAMTC member and board member, I understand the importance of attending the Leadership Summit. The Summit allowed me to grow in my personal network of contacts and in my personal skills as a coordinator of Media and Technology services.       For eight years, I was a member of the NAMTC and read the materials that were provided: quarterly newsletters, BIG Deal Media newsletters, corporate lists and member lists.... Full Article >>


Call for Nominations

Awards and Board of Directors
by Dr. Sally Lindgren, Great Prairie AEA
As we approach the 2014 NAMTC Summit, it is time to give thought to nominees for two awards that are presented to outstanding leaders during the Summit.   The Herb Braselman Award, named after the late Herb Braselman who served as the first president of NAMTC is presented in recognition of exemplary service and leadership for regional media centers and for outstanding contributions to the field of educational media and technology.  The nomination form can be found on the website, www.NAMTC.org, in the ‘About NAMTC’ section, ‘Organization Information.’   The Partner in Excellence Award... Full Article >>


Increasing Customer Participatioin

by Dr. Clifford J. Ehlinger, NAMTC Membership Chair
As a non-profit organization we use different metrics to measure our success.  Peter Drucker indicated that for non-profit organizations, one metric that was useful for determining the success of the organization was the amount of repeat customers that returned to the organization for services. To increase the likelihood of this occurring it is necessary to recruit and retain customers, members, or clients.  Whether the services that are provided have a charge to them, like a membership fee or service fee, or are free of charge, the importance of maintaining a client base is paramount to the continuation of any organization.  In August, I hosted a... Full Article >>


ISIS in the Classroom;

Engaging Iran: A New Way Forward
by Timothy Devlin, AIU3
This is part of a series of classroom-based Interactive Videoconference Events engaging students across the country and world in educational forums on a variety of issues. In Western Pennsylvania, students at the Cornell High School conducted an “In the Hot Seat” interview with Jessica Tuchman Mathews,   the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The interactive videoconference program included students in four Pittsburgh area schools and two schools in Alaska. The title of the student program was “Engaging Iran: A New Way Forward,” where high school moderators prepared questions in advance and fielded questions from... Full Article >>


MaKey MaKey

by Bill Menousek, ESU #3
What is the MaKey MaKey? www.learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/makey-makey-quickstart-guide#what-is-the-makey-makey MaKey Makey is a world where everyday objects are much more than what they appear. If MaKey MaKey is new to you, begin with this web site. Learn even more about MaKey MaKey  www.web.media.mit.edu/~ericr/makeymakey/     ... Full Article >>


PA Governor Unveils Web-Based Resource

for Pennsylvania's Students, Teachers and Parents
by Geoff Craven, NAMTC Treasurer, Central Susquehanna IU
Governor Tom Corbett was joined by lawmakers, superintendents, teachers, higher education representatives and education partners at Garnet Valley School District, Delaware County, to launch Pennsylvania Learns on iTunes U – a collection of free, online, educational resources.   Pennsylvania Learns on iTunes U brings state standards-aligned resources to the world’s largest online catalog of free educational content that helps educators create courses, including lectures, assignments, books, quizzes and syllabi, and offer them to millions of iOS users.   “This initiative, which is the culmination of nearly a year of work among... Full Article >>


NewsWorthy Links

by Mark Hoffman, Bucks County IU 22
The EdSurge Edtech Index The EdSurge Edtech Index is a community-driven, web-based database of educational technology tools, services, and solutions.  The database provides a listing of products by category, including: Curriculum Products, Teacher Needs, School Operations, Post Secondary, and a miscellaneous category called Everything Else. https://www.edsurge.com/products Comparea This free web-based tool provides an easy way to compare the shapes and sizes of cities, regions, states, and countries with one another.  With a few simple clicks, teachers and students can... Full Article >>


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