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Date: August 24th, 2012
Submitted By: Harvey Cahoon   -   Web Site: www.stone-ware.com

Stoneware: webNetwork version 6.1.1

Stoneware, the leader in Unified Cloud computing, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of webNetwork version 6.1.1. This release adds new features and enhancements that ensure customers will continue to have a robust platform on which to deliver files, applications and reports through a secure browser-based webDesktop, whether those resources reside in their private data center, the public cloud or on a local device.
webNetwork 6.1.1 also includes the latest Secure Cloud Access (SCA) branded product. This version includes documentation updates, SCA-specific graphics, and a Cloud Ready Client (CRC). This version also includes the Mondrian webDesktop interface with live tiles and larger 150x150 icons giving the product a completely new and exciting look. Users can now search desktop links, perform Google searches or even select predefined applications for their webDesktop, and administrators can easily add new applications.
Additional features of webNetwork 6.1.1 include:
Image-based Authentication - requires users to choose from a pre-selected group of up to 100 unique pictures in addition to providing their user name and password when they log in
SSO Assistant simplifies the interface for enabling SSO from the iOS webAgent, and Google Chrome browsers via a plug-in enabling SSO with such sites as MS Office 365
Server-based webRDP delivers support for iOS, Android and Mac clients via HTML5-enabled browsers
Relay Log Viewer simplifies access to debug information for administrators via webAdmin
Language File Support delivers Spanish and French files
Tenant Management makes deleting tenants easier in multi-tenant environments
HTML5 Drag & Drop enables the file uploader to operate with Mac browsers
Sugarsync Integration unifies cloud storage access with other webNetwork accessible file systems
For current customers, the update is available by logging into the customer portal. For sales information, please contact Harvey Cahoon at 877-370-5546 or sales@stone-ware.com.