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Date: August 23rd, 2011
Submitted By: Jean Thompson   -   Web Site: www.FollettSoftware.com

Follett Software & Assessment Technology

Follett Software, Assessment Technology Incorporated Announce
Teaming Agreement to Assist Educators in Elevating Student Achievement

Follett Software Company, an integrated digital learning solution provider, and Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI), a leading provider of online instructional improvement tools and data analysis, announced today the signing of a teaming agreement that will allow the two companies to jointly pursue opportunities with K-12 educators.

The respected education technology companies will leverage their strengths in data warehousing, instructional improvement system, state-of-the-art Item Response Theory (IRT) measurement techniques, and professional development by offering educators a complete, all-encompassing solution through Follett Software’s TetraData data warehousing and ATI’s standards-based, research-driven Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement System (IIS).

Follett Software’s TetraData is the premier resource for data warehousing, analysis and reporting solutions to meet any district’s data-driven decision-making (D3M) needs. Typically, TetraData is used by districts to analyze proficiency and growth, measure curriculum and program effectiveness, evaluate staff alignment and development impact, proactively identify and monitor at-risk students, and evaluate school climate. With TetraData, educators can accurately assess the factors that drive performance on a district level and on an individual student level, as well as more easily make decisions that can improve instruction and student outcomes.

For more than a decade, ATI’s Galileo Online technology has successfully assisted teachers, parents, principals, administrators, state departments of education, and policymakers in their efforts to elevate student learning. ATI achieves this goal by providing data to inform educational decision-making, as well as tools to enhance overall effectiveness in the instructional process. The Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement System (IIS) makes it possible for educators to deploy a comprehensive, research-based and standards-aligned instructional improvement system to achieve the goal of elevating student achievement.

“By teaming with ATI, we can offer superior value for a school district,” said Ruben Hentzschel, Vice President of Business Operations for TetraData. “There is both a short-term and long-term gain here for the district: improved instruction and student outcomes in the short-term through actionable information impacting the classroom activity, and the ability to drive systemic improvements beyond the classroom to ensure long-term, sustainable success.”

“ATI’s partnership with Follett Software and the implementation of Galileo K-12 Online IIS is part of our ongoing commitment to ‘think-ahead’ so that school districts and charter schools can continuously build their own capacity to lead change in ways that enhance the quality and impact of education on our nation, children and youth,” said Dr. Jason K. Feld, Vice President Corporate Projects for ATI.

For more information on Follett Software Company, visit www.FollettSoftware.com. For more information about Assessment Technology Incorporated, visit www.ati-online.com.