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Date: August 10th, 2011
Submitted By: Harvey Cahoon   -   Web Site: www2.lanschool.com/e/2262/echconsole/AUH10/396365782

LanSchool Tech Console Available

LanSchool just released a new product, the LanSchool Tech Console! Offered at no cost for the first year to educational institutions, Tech Console enables IT and Tech Coordinators to remotely manage Macs and PCs within a school or district from a central location. With TechConsole, a tech can easily manage, monitor and communicate with thousands of computers remotely from a console which displays the current state of all computers under management.
With the Tech Console, techs can...
- View and set security settings
- Report on inventory and technology usage
- Install applications and upgrades remotely
- Control Windows SteadyState™ on client computerse
- Conserve energy costs by setting and optimizing power consumption levels
- Support teachers, student and administration via chat or remote control
- Monitor student activity
Both existing customers and new schools wanting to use the software must fill out the following form to receive free licenses for the Tech Console. The product is licensed per client computer, so please indicate the number of licenses that you need.

Within 24 hours, a LanSchool representative will review your request and send you a username/password to the LanSchool Customer Portal where you may download the one year subscription to the Tech Console. We take this extra step of validation so that the software does not get into the hands of students. Sometimes we make mistakes on license validations, so please contact us if there are any issues.