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Date: August 3rd, 2011
Submitted By: Harvey Cahoon   -   Web Site: www.lanschool.com

LanSchool Acquired by Stoneware

In July 2011, LanSchool was acquired by Stoneware. There are two key reasons why we joined forces, 1:1 computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Increasingly, schools are moving to 1:1 computing, whether through school owned devices or students bringing their own devices to class. LanSchool and Stoneware will provide just-in-time classroom management and monitoring in a BYOD or 1:1 learning environment. Soon, students entering a class with their own device can instantly join the school’s private cloud (Stoneware) and still have their device monitored (LanSchool).

Details about the merger:
• LanSchool will be run as a wholly owned subsidiary of Stoneware.
• The combined company will support all existing LanSchool customers and honor existing product and support commitments.
• Stoneware plans to invest in LanSchool to continue to enhance its products.
• Headquartered in Indianapolis, Stoneware is privately held. For more information about Stoneware and its products, visit www.stone-ware.com, or call 888-473-9485.
• Details about Stoneware / LanSchool product integration will be coming soon.

Also, LanSchool 7.6 is now shipping! LanSchool 7.6 supports Ubuntu Linux, so you can manage Linux, Windows, Mac, thin clients and iPads in a truly heterogeneous classroom environment. The new release also lets teachers to manage Vernier LabQuest devices, extending classroom management to the science classroom. There is also an add-in for LanSchool to work with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011.

In addition, LanSchool 7.6 allows you to:
• Simplify Class Lists creation by dynamically importing from any student information system that can export .csv files.
• Blank student screens and/or show teacher screens before students log in to their computers.
• Watch student monitors scroll by one by one, “ScreenFeed”.
• Add late students to tests and administer a range of test types, including secure essay (blue book) exams.
• Send/Collect files and directories to computers in the classroom.
• Support the latest version of Mac OSX, Lion.

LanSchool v7.6 is available for download in the LanSchool customer portal to eligible customers. For more information on the new features visit http://www2.lanschool.com/e/2262/anschool/ATHEM/394228432. If you’d like to upgrade or purchase the new version, email sales@lanschool.com or call 877-370-5546. To find out if you're eligible to download LanSchool v7.6, login to the customer portal - http://www2.lanschool.com/e/2262/ogin/ATHEW/394228432.

If you've forgotten your password, there is a reset password feature just below the login button.

If you are located outside the United States, please contact your local LanSchool reseller or email sales@lanschool.com.