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Date: February 22nd, 2011
Submitted By: Bob Norris   -   Web Site: www.fichannels.com

Flim Ideas Launches FLSS

Film Ideas announces the launch of its FINANCIAL LITERACY STREAMING SERVICE (FLSS)
The new service includes comprehensive, contemporary, peer-to-peer financial literacy video content, in an easily navigable streaming web format. Students learn about saving, investing, credit, banking, entrepreneurship as well as employability skills. Each program is divided into teaching segments, allowing the teacher to show the whole program or a segment running a few minutes to reinforce or introduce a specific topic. And the website navigation is so simple no training is required.

The Emmy award winning content further enriches and supports all finance and entrepreneurship courses or curriculums. Even so, FLSS also includes its own extensive support guides with pre and post presentation support ideas, key vocabulary, games, family activities, correlation to national standards in K-12 personal finance, entrepreneurship and economics education, and other valuable resources.

Try the Financial Literacy Streaming Service for free by navigating to www.fichannels.com. Click on the Free Trial button for instant 24 hour access or an extended trial. You'll love the way the entrepreneurial content churns up possibilities and raises hopes, then lingers! so why should you be any different?