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Date: February 16th, 2011
Submitted By: Jean Thompson   -   Web Site: www.follettsoftware.com

Follett Releases New Version of Aspen

Follett Software Company has announced the release of version 3.1 of Aspen, its student information system, with an array of improved features focused in the areas of navigation, scheduling, health management, conduct and special education.

The Aspen Student Information System is a popular web-based enterprise platform for school and district administration, learning and communications that pulls together resources across the education community. Simplifying school data management through the integration of key K-12 applications, Aspen is used by more than 700,000 students in eight states.

“Aspen 3.1 continues the direction we started with version 3.0 of simplifying features, making Aspen more intuitive and providing automated assistance to end users,” said Brad Lindaas, vice president of business operations for the Aspen product line. “Guided Tasks, context-sensitive help, and a host of other improvements allow users to get assistance precisely when they need it, customized to their district’s policies and procedures.”

The key features in Aspen 3.1 include:
*Guided Tasks.
Guided Tasks are part of a new framework featuring a special kind of workflow that walks users through multi-step processes such as rolling over the school year, building a master schedule, setting up a new GPA and much more. As a framework, districts are able to build their own Guided Tasks to use Aspen for training, or to simply help users with tasks they do infrequently, avoiding Help Desk calls and reducing errors by guiding the users through the task.
Adding or removing a section in the School View allows rebalancing of all students affected by the change. Drop/Adds within the same department will prompt a user to transfer grades to the new class.
*Health Management.
Immunization compliance rules and reports are now supported with automatic calculation for next dose of a given immunization. Group Screenings now support viewing and entering multiple screenings at once, making physical, vision, hearing screenings and more quick and easy via a single screen.
Detentions and Suspensions use a calendar to assign days. Detentions side-tab can be filtered for different kinds of detentions, including multiple detention halls per day.
*Staff View and Teacher Gradebook.
To help users more easily find their classes on the Gradebook tab, they are now sorted by term, then period. The Home page of the Staff view also includes one button access to email parents and students of classes, teams and groups.
*Special Education.
When an IEP (Individualized Education Program) becomes active, an e-mail is sent to the student’s teachers, team and parents/guardians. Accommodations, Goals and Services are now saved independently from the IEP record.

Existing Aspen customers with current technical support are entitled to the 3.1 upgrade at no additional cost.

In October 2010, Follett Software acquired X2 Development Corporation and its Aspen student information platform. X2 continues to operate out of Hingham, Mass., as a wholly owned subsidiary of Follett Software.

More information about Follett Software Company is available by visiting www.follettsoftware.com or by calling 800.323.3397.