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Date: March 12th, 2010
Submitted By: One Call Now   -   Web Site: www.onecallnow.com

Enhanced Student Protect Package Offer

Traditional school-to-parent communications services are fast, effective and simple to use when your administrators need to notify parents. Yet they fall short in being proactive and bi-directional.

One Call Now announces the industry’s first ‘total student protection’ package which includes two critical student safety features; plus one to protect the school’s mission itself.

First, Severe weather threatens schools and students every year. Over 2,000 students were killed or injured in and around schools last year due to lightning and severe weather striking when no one expected it. One Call Now Weather-Protect is the ONLY service that connects with real-time data from 8,500 weather stations across the country, to instantly send proactive approaching lightning and weather warnings via voice and text to administrators, coaches and transportation managers; providing adequate time to protect children.

Second, tragically, more than 1,800 students were abducted by non-family members last year. Many en-route to or from school. One Call Now is the ONLY service that can broadcast a community amber-alert message to every resident and business in the area. This message instantly reaches published & unpublished numbers plus most cell phones. The Dept of Justice reports that getting the word out within an hour dramatically increases the odds of successful recovery. Yet most communities can do little more than post an alert on police web site or print a story in tomorrow’s newspaper. The unthinkable happens every day; One Call Now provides an exclusive added layer of security and essential peace of mind.

Third, school funding issues are a constant battle, and losing one threatens your educational mission. One Call Now is the ONLY service that can and will donate calls to reach EVERY voter in your community (not just parents) to help assure a successful election. Our award winning process is proven to help pass needed funding votes. By donating calls to your levy committee, there is no conflict at your district.

Learn more about this exclusive PROTECT Package – exclusively from One Call Now. With no-charge unlimited service for NAMTC members through June 30th.

Visit www.onecallnow,.com or call 877-698-3262 for more information today!