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Date: June 3rd, 2008
Submitted By: DMA   -   Web Site: www.theclic.net

New Online College Network Has Launched!

The CLIC lets students and institutions finally manage the entire college-bound and -attending experience from a single home page in our FREE shared network. We have dynamic matching and subscriptions to colleges/community groups/scholarships, video tips, the first master calendar of all college-related deadlines and much more. Students now can oversee all of this from a “command central” home page in a fun social networking space. And institutions can set up a free outreach page with blogs, video and more – and target students via IM on the site or, soon, texts to students’ cell phones. It’s ALL FREE.

If you know:
- middle or high school students and parents,
- four-year college admissions reps,
- school counselors/teachers/administrators/tutors,
- community program/summer program staffs,
- scholarship reps,
- any member at all of the college-bound community

please let them know that the old “anxiety game” just radically changed!

The CLIC wants to make getting into college as much fun as going – because we believe that “College Life is Cool” (CLIC). Thanks so much for your help, and here’s to doubling the number of students who graduate from America’s four-year colleges.

Editor's Note: DMA (Donna Michelle Anderson) was a speaker at the 9th Leadership Summit held in Syracuse, NY, April 22-25, 2008. She is the Founder & CEO of The CLIC Network, and can be reached at clic@theclicnetwork.com