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Date: August 29th, 2007
Submitted By: Geoff Craven, Gary Ross, Betty Ehlinger

Education 2.0 and Beyond!

It’s Summit Time…
The 2008 Leadership Summit will be held at the Syracuse (NY) Sheraton April 22-25, so mark your calendars! Geoff Craven, NAMTC President-Elect, has likened the theme, Education 2.0 and Beyond!, to one of his favorite characters, Buzz Lightyear. The comparisons are great…Buzz Lightyear was always fighting the evil Zurg and despite all his friends telling him he was not a Spaceman and just a toy, he never lost the vision or gave up. ESAs are in a similar situation—we are expected to lead our schools to Education 2.0 and Beyond—but we are also surrounded by naysayers—and like Buzz, we can never lose our vision or give up!
Invited keynote speakers for the Leadership Summit will continue to help media and technology directors gain a more focused vision on what Education 2.0 and Beyond really means. We have invited leading experts from the US Department of Education, the Schools and Libraries Division and legal firms to help provide us with the vision, guidance and resources with our journey to Education 2.0.
Data Analysis is another topic important to ESAs at a national level. Everyone is swimming in data, but nobody is really sure how to analyze it or what it really means. Wouldn’t you like to learn what the data means, but at a 50,000 foot level? Since most of our NAMTC members have roles that primarily deal with collecting or facilitating the collection of data, knowing what or how the data we collect is used in general terms should be helpful.
The Open Source Movement and Issues with Digital Delivery Systems are also topics for sessions that are being planned for the Summit. Inquiries are currently being made for presentations from Linden Labs (Second Life), and even YouTube (we’ll keep you informed on these)! As you can tell, this Leadership Summit will make the analogy with Buzz Lightyear easier to understand!
The Summit will also provide opportunities for ESAs to preview, negotiate and purchase programming/services from our corporate partners. Details for our corporate members will be forthcoming. NAMTC members representing the New York BOCES group are assisting with hosting activities for the Summit, and registration information will be announced soon.
Hotel reservations can be made at the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center, 315 477 8246 (www.sheratonsyracuse.com). Identify participation in the NAMTC Leadership Summit for the single occupancy room rate of $85.00.
Make your plans now to attend the 2008 Leadership Summit! Watch the website for details, www.NAMTC.org

We’ll Meet You At the Summit,
Geoff Craven, NAMTC President-Elect and Summit Program Chair
Gary Ross, NAMTC President
Betty Ehlinger, NAMTC Executive Director