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Date: March 22nd, 2007
Submitted By: Betty Ehlinger

NAMTC Issues Call for Proposals for AESA

With the success of NAMTC Presents… within the AESA Technology Strand last year, the NAMTC Executive Board would like to encourage you to support the AESA conference planned for November 28-December 1, 2007 in Tampa, Florida. This conference provides excellent opportunities for professional growth and networking with individuals involved in all aspects of Educational Service Agency management and direction. NAMTC is seeking individual members who would be willing to present concurrent sessions at this large conference. To assist with the costs for registration and travel, the Executive Board has authorized reimbursements of up to $100 for a maximum of six members to attend and present. If you are interested, please read on!

Call for NAMTC Presentations at AESA:
The Technology Strand at AESA provides an opportunity for NAMTC members to share best practices and models for successful service. AESA requires that if your proposal involves a commercial partner, the majority of the presentation must be about the ESAs activity and led by the ESA. The commercial partner must also have purchased an exhibit booth or product session at the conference, or be a sponsor of the AESA conference. NAMTC’s participation in the Technology Strand will allow our members to demonstrate and discuss successful uses of technology resulting in direct benefits to ESAs, local school districts and increasing the performance of students.

• Must be a NAMTC Institutional member in good standing
• Must be an AESA Institutional member in good standing
• Ability to attend AESA conference (AESA requires that all presenters pay the conference registration fees and obtain a registration badge. No one is admitted to a session without a registration badge. AESA does not offer a one-day registration rate. Sessions will be scheduled from Wednesday, November 28 through Saturday, December 1.)
• Proposals must be submitted via electronic means. Final proposals will be sent to AESA from the NAMTC office.

Upon final selection to present, NAMTC will provide reimbursement up to $100 to a maximum of six NAMTC member institutions to help defray AESA attendance costs, after proper receipts are submitted to the NAMTC Treasurer, Karen Appleton. Visit www.aesa.us for specific information on the conference.

NAMTC will provide reimbursements only to those members who submit proposals through the NAMTC office. A maximum of six proposals will be submitted to AESA by NAMTC. All sessions will be part of the Technology Strand at the AESA conference.

• Presentation Proposals will be due to the NAMTC Executive Director, Betty Gorsegner Ehlinger, no later than April 12, 2007.

Note: AESA registrations are made up of approximately 1/3 Board Members and 2/3 Superintendents, CEOs and Staff. About 30% of the 2/3 can be identified as Staff (with Financial and Instructional Staff steadily increasing in attendance). Most attending Staff are presenters. Please target your presentation proposal accordingly.

• When submitting your proposal please provide the title and text that you want to appear in the final AESA conference program. Do not use bullets, but narrative text. Please avoid jargon and spell out unusual acronyms. Use verbs to describe what will take place in the session (examples are “replicate,” “showcase” and “demonstrate.”)

• Presenters will be responsible for duplicating, shipping and providing the appropriate number of handouts for your session. A rough estimate of attendees per session is between 20 and 50. There is a strong possibility that NAMTC will again provide a single CD with all NAMTC presentations included, so paper handouts may not be necessary.

• Clearly identify all AV needs for your session. Internet access is limited to only a few presentation rooms.

To give you an idea of what NAMTC members presented last year, here are their topics:

o NAMTC Presents: Hosting and Providing Web-Based SIS & Ancillary Services to Schools

o NAMTC Presents: Plan for the Technological Future?

o NAMTC Presents: Oh Those Kids! (technological devices)

o NAMTC Presents: On-Line Resources as Information Tools for a Digital World

o NAMTC Presents: Copyright Polices—After the Basics

o NAMTC Presents: Policies Are the Foundation for Technology Programs

Submit your own topic of interest, or consider one of the following:

1. Email/Electronic File Retention Guidelines
2. Internet2 Applications
3. Technology Planning (3-5 years)
4. Open Source Computing/2.0 Web Applications
5. Development/Use of On-Line Courses for staff training
6. Technology Budgets (examples: hardware/software/resources/personnel)
7. Technology Audits (need/use/examples)
8. Gadgets and Gizmos (policies and demonstrations of the latest technologies to assist in the workplace and/or with students)
9. Electronic Resources (on-going costs, hardware/software, use factors)
10. Digital Video (demonstrating at least 2 corporate NAMTC member delivery products…AESA requires that if a corporate member participates, the corporate member must have an exhibit booth, be a conference sponsor or purchase a product session)
11. Change and the Utilization of New Technologies (change for the teacher in order to reach the student end-user)

• Betty Gorsegner Ehlinger, President-Elect Gary Ross and the AESA conference committee will review proposals.
• The NAMTC office will submit the NAMTC selected sessions to AESA for final approval.
• AESA and NAMTC will notify the NAMTC presenters of final selection in June.
• Questions? Contact Betty Gorsegner Ehlinger, bettyge@mchsi.com or 319 654 0608