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Date: March 3rd, 2014
Submitted By: Tim Devlin and Beth Kabes   -   Web Site: video.magpi.net/videos/livestreams/page1/

Shared Conversation March 12 2:30 EST

NAMTC presents a shared conversation:
Sharing Your Classroom Experiences with Others: Getting Started!

March 12 from 2:30 – 3:15 EST

Connect to bridge room at and participate interactively or
click on the link (http://video.magpi.net/videos/livestreams/page1/) to view live or
view an archive through the NAMTC member portion of www.NAMTC.org

“Sharing Your Classroom Experiences with Others: Getting Started!”

Please plan to join a conversation facilitated by Tim Devlin of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Beth Kabes of Education Service Unit #7 in Columbus, Nebraska, on Wednesday, March 12 from 2:30 – 3:15 EST. Through videoconference technology you may join in an interactive discussion or watch the live web stream. The archive of the program will be available on the member portion of the NAMTC website, www.NAMTC.org, until June 30, 2014.

Tim will share experiences of working with 50 of his 220 total school buildings in the area surrounding Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to assist teachers and students to share their classroom experiences with other students across the country and world. In developing partnerships with regional educational partners such as museums, councils, agencies, and libraries, we have developed over 100 educational videoconference programs per school year that have included interactive student participation from remote locations. The programs range from first grade to high school and include regular educational students, gifted students, and special education programs across the country and world. Each new school is a new experience for us and we look forward to connecting our 51st school with your school classroom (wherever you are!) If you are interested in getting started after the session we are looking for just a few items to get us started to a classroom connection and the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between classrooms. To get the connection started we need just:
1. An interested teacher pioneer
2. A supportive technology person
3. A topic of discussion (in any subject area)
4. A student age or grade range
5. A proposed date
6. A proposed time based on your school bell schedule
7. An approximate quantity of students (about 20 is optimal)

Beth Kabes and Tim Devlin have collaborated with agency partnerships and their insight should be valuable in creating your own new partnerships. So, please consider joining the conversation or contact Tim directly at timothy.devlin@aiu3.net or Beth at bkabes@esu7.org