The National Association of Media & Technology Centers (NAMTC) is an organization committed to promoting leadership among its membership through networking, advocacy, and support activities that will enhance the equitable access to media, technology, and information services to educational communities. Membership is open to regional, K-12, and higher education media technology centers, as well as commercial technology and media vendors.

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Digital Citizenship, Student Privacy - 2017-09-20
Links to the recent NAMTC Shared Conversation on Digital Citizenship, Student Data Privacy and Fake News are now available fo... Read More >>
Archived Shared Conversations Now Avail - 2017-01-25
Ever wish you could be in two places at once? Not able to participate in a Shared Conversation, or maybe you would like revi... Read More >>
Shared Conversation - 1/17, 2 PM CDT - 2017-01-06
The Maker ED movement supports educators in defining learning spaces that encourage creative, hands-on, collaborative learnin... Read More >>
Shared Conversation - 11/15, 2 PM CDT - 2016-10-18
Next Generation Print/Design Centers - ESA print shop and graphical design services save school districts time and money. Lea... Read More >>
Shared Conversation - 9/20 2 PM CDT - 2016-09-03
Telepresence Robots and Learning - Come learn how Telepresence robots are being used to enhance communication and extend stud... Read More >>

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